Artist:Majaria Trio & Eleonora Bordonaro
Title: La Custodia del Fuoco
Year of Release:2013
Genre: Ethno Jazz
Description: The project is born thanks to the meeting of the singer Eleonora Bordonaro and the Majaria Trio (formed by the drummer and percussionist Lucrezio de Seta, the bassist Alessandro Patti, and the pianist/multi-instrumentalist Primiano Di Biase). This project takes the traditions of the popular Sicilian music making an “ethno-jazz” interpretation of it. Through the meeting of Eleonora’s vocal expressivity and the characteristic Majaria Trio music, the repertory, completely interpreted in Sicilian dialect, obtains a charm which goes across the popular music rules, becoming World Language.

Gustav Mahler said: “Tradition is the passing on of the fire, not the worship of the ashes” To honor the tradition is not “hang the head to the past”, is not to leave to the “ashes of memories” the task of bringing till us the images of a passed time. To honor the tradition is something different: it’s to keep alive that “fire” which burns lively in those ruts leaved by who lived on this earth, stoke it with evocative stories and passionate emotions. What makes so charming the fire is its indomitable being, it’s impossible to imprison it as it’s impossible to impede it to burn. So, here born the necessity to build a repair, where the flame is not oppressed but shaped, where it can burn proud even if at our will mercy. The music assumes in this way the rule of Guardian of an ancient tradition which talks about impassioned Sicilian songs, which are able to burn even the most cold soul. The contemporary woman find herself in that past, in those stories about sex, marginalization will, independence desire, integration and social redemption from the work mistreatment. The sing becomes functional to describe a condition, that can’t be end to itself and allows to the redemption will to erects above the flame.

Eleonora Bordonaro: Voice Lucrezio de Seta: Drums and Percussion
Alessandro Patti: Electric Bass and Double Bass
Primiano Di Biase: Piano, Synth, Accordion, Effects

About the project:

“The meeting between Eleonora Bordonaro and the Majaria Trio, in truth are lots of meetings: one is the one between Happiness and Hope, another one, by the things you can hear, is the one between the Tenderness and the Reception. Then, it’s the meeting between the time of Kronos and the time of Mousikè, the story of the Men and the ancient rhythmic order of the Art…we could play to find many others but, the most clear, is the meeting between the archetype of the Male and the Female. A muscular Male, dexterous, epistemologic, maker and trespasser of the rules…and a Female sensual, wise, practical, intuitive, esoteric and guardian of ancient secrets. At the same time it is to respect each other, is a careful bend on the other one’s shape, to renew the mutual promise about keeping that fire alive. All that, while the Jazz looks at these strange Sicilian roots and chew it, without bite it, like we do with the hosts.
-Massimo Carrano-

“I’m always been surprised by the expressivity power of Rosa Balistreri, arcane Sibyl of the ancient sound of the Mysterious Sicily. In this work, I can find the big statement of the Sicilian fire, so arid and stony, dark and precious. Eleonora Bordonaro, the singer, takes that frank tradition throwing it in the present, and she makes us remember the place where we live now. The Majaria Trio echoes are the powerful and striking pealing that goes over the border of the obvious cataloguing by genres, but remembering to the strong beats of the contemporary Jazz, that mix the Twentieth Century. All that is not a surprise thanks to the music skills of de Seta, di Biase and Patti. A “thick” album…and is not so usual”.
-Massimo Nunzi-