Headache Production is an independent label focused on acoustic, jazz, fusion, blues and rock music based in Rome, Italy.

General Contacts: info@headacheproduction.com
Booking & Management: s.caruso@headacheproduction.com
Demo Sbumission: demo@headacheproduction.com

Headache Production is always interested in signing new jazz, fusion, blues and rock Artists. If you are interested in becoming part of our artist roster please choose your best song and send a link where we can download it to: demo@headacheproduction.com. Any attached mp3 file will be deleted. We will contact you only in case we are interested to sign or to listen a new song. We prefer artists or bands who have a full album. Don't esitate and send us your music!

Headache Production can sign deals also as distribution only for phisical cds or digital download.

PRODUCTION: Headache Production is interested in producing artists with great potential.

Headache Production collaborates with Groove Studio, one of the finest professional recording studio in Rome. Only High End Outboard & Musical Instruments are used in order to deliver your album from beginning to end

Headache Production can provide the complete production structure for your album, including promotion on internet and on magazines.

Headache Production can work with you for the pre-production of your album working on sounds, equalization, microphones, and everything that you need before to start the recording of a professional cd.

Headache Production is a skilled mastering facility for your album. The post-production of you music will be followed by professional players and engineers.

Headache Production collaborates with professional session players with years of studio and live experience, who can offer their experience and professionality at a reasonable price in order to ensure a highly professional recording for your album.

Headache Production can provide full website or myspace custom graphics and can take care of your musical promotion on internet.