Headache Production

Active since 2003, Headache Production, is a branch of Groove Studio, a italian independent multimedia production & label producing and distributing quality music, video and TV contents for broadcast and internet streaming.

It’s focus in the music business tends toward quality instrumental music, including acoustic, jazz, crossover, progressive, film music, and electronica.

The video production provides, beside full video servicing, broadcast services such as dubbing, foley, film scoring & TV/Spot Jingles.

Since 2010 Headache Production/Groove Studio is the official Video Producer and rights owner for the annual Music Festivals called BATTERIKA, ELETTRIKA & MUSIKA which take place in Rome.

For general informations contact: info@headacheproduction.com

New Albums

Artist: Lucrezio de Seta Trio
Title: Brubeck was right
Year of Release:2017
Description: ‘Brubeck was right!’ is a clear nod to the celebrated pianist and bandleader who found success with ‘Take Five’ and ‘Blue Rondo a’ la Turk’, among others, regularly using odd rhythms in the jazz idiom between the ‘50s and ‘60s. This is what the title ‘Brubeck was right!’ tells us, with an exclamation point. Quite appropriate for the content of this fantastic disc that you are about to listen to. But I’ll tell you: now that you know it, don’t think about it too much. Open the package, let the music take off and don’t lose that joy of un-awareness. Don’t search frantically for a compliance between the intentions and the notes you hear soaring through the air.

Artist: Lucrezio de Seta Quartet
Title: Movin'ON
Year of Release:2014
Description: Terse and seductive melody. arrangements measured with cure, interplay at his best. Movin’ ON is an inspired album: every theme, every solo is liven up from a deep intention that makes the music extant, current and alive.

Artist: Antonio Figura Trio ft. Rosario Giuliani, Cleveland Watkiss
Title: Space Between
Year of Release:2013 (presentation @ Casa del Jazz, Rome 01/06/2013)
Description: Latest record produced by "Headache Production" that will be realized in April 2013, which also sees the participation of Rosario Giuliani and Cleveland Watkiss, among the most appreciated artists in the international jazz scene.

Artist:Majaria Trio & Eleonora Bordonaro
Title: La Custodia del Fuoco
Year of Release:2013
Genre: Ethno Jazz
Description: The project is born thanks to the meeting of the singer Eleonora Bordonaro and the Majaria Trio (formed by the drummer and percussionist Lucrezio de Seta, the bassist Alessandro Patti, and the pianist/multi-instrumentalist Primiano Di Biase). This project takes the traditions of the popular Sicilian music making an “ethno-jazz” interpretation of it. Through the meeting of Eleonora’s vocal expressivity and the characteristic Majaria Trio music, the repertory, completely interpreted in Sicilian dialect, obtains a charm which goes across the popular music rules, becoming World Language.
Artist:Majaria Trio
Title:Majaria Trio
Year of Release:2012
Genre: Ethno Jazz
Description: “Majaria Trio” was formed in 2010 by drummer Lucrezio de Seta, bass player Alessandro Patti and the piano player Primiano Di Biase. “Majaria” (pron: Ma-ia-rì-a) is a word of the Sicilian dialect which means beauty, surprise and magic. The need to combine expressive elements of the Mediterranean music with more contemporary beats (electric-jazz, funk, dub) as well as the African-American jazz sound, has represented the common ground, for these three unique and different musicians, to produce their first concept- CD: Majaria Trio. The colors, the perfumes, the light, the sea, the sun’s energy, the sounds and voices from the big markets, unique and involving expressions of the Mediterranean world, are deep influences in the composition of the original melodies and rhythmic structures of their songs, which moves away from the rules and styles of the “classic” ethnic-jazz, and open up in an endless musical contamination that enhances and highlights the unique peculiarities of the trio.